Yonago Acta medica 2011; Volume 54: Number 2

Original Article
page 37 Current Duty Arrangements and Circumstances of Emergency Medical Technicians: Findings of an Electronic Questionnaire Survey Conducted at the 16th National Ambulance-Crew Symposium Takenobu Hosoda, Hiroteru Okamoto, Takako Wada and Youichi Kurozawa

Appendices to Instructions for Authors: Lists of Abbreviations Used in Yonago Acta medica
page i Table 1. List of abbreviations used without definition in Yonago Acta medica
page ii Table 2. International System (SI) prefixes, prefix symbols and the recommended factors they represent
page ii Table 3. SI and related units applied in medical sciences in Yonago Acta medica
page iii Table 4. Statistical symbols in Yonago Acta medica
page iv Table 5. Japanese selections from current journals indexed for MEDLINE users