Yonago Acta medica

Journal of Medical Sciences

Published by Tottori University Medical Press

Online ISSN 1346-8049

Journal Impact Factor (2022) 1.0

Guide to Authors


Basically, contributors are limited to members of Tottori University and Tottori University Hospital. Researchers outside the above mentioned university community may also submit papers on the recommendation* of a professor, an associate professor, or a junior associate professor at this university community.

All papers must comply with YAM's policies. Potential authors should carefully read the Instructions for Authors 2020 [PDF] before submission.

*The recommendation form (MS Word document) can be downloaded here.

Manuscript Submission

For manuscript submission, please prepare the following documents:

  • Manuscript text (including tables and legends for figures, if any) in an MS Word document
  • Figure file(s)
  • A cover letter to the editor-in-chief
  • Submission form

These documents must be sent to the editorial office as email attachments. Submission on a compact disc is also acceptable if the total file size of the documents is too large to permit transmission by email.

Before submitting a manuscript, please be sure that you have read the Instructions for Authors 2019 [PDF], and that your manuscript has been written in accordance with our policies.

Review Process

Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by at least two anonymous referees selected from among the faculty members at Tottori University Faculty of Medicine. The initial review process ordinarily takes two weeks or more.


Detailed instructions for submitting a revised manuscript are included in the decision letter sent to the author(s) when a manuscript has been judged to be potentially acceptable for publication.

When submitting a revised manuscript, please ensure that you submit the following:

  • A cover letter in which you respond, point by point, to the referees' comments and explain how those issues were addressed
  • The manuscript text (including tables and legends for figures, if any) in an MS Word document, with all insertions indicated in colored font so that the changes you have made can be easily identified

Article Processing Charge

    Submission fee 20,000 yen
    Page charge 10,000 yen per PDF page
    Advance online publication fee 1,000 yen

All the necessary documents for potential authors can be downloaded at https://www.lib.tottori-u.ac.jp/yam/file5-1.html.