Yonago Acta medica 2015; Volume 58: Number 3

Review Article: Special Contribution
P.095 Current Status of Robot-Assisted Radical Cystectomy: What is the Real Benefit? 916-kB PDF
Atsushi Takenaka
Key words: bladder cancer; complication; oncological outcome; robot-assisted radical cystectomy; urinary diversion

Original Articles
P.101 Opinions and Satisfaction Regarding Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion Therapy in Adult Patients with Type 1 Diabetes 234-kB PDF
Ikuko Nishio, Masami Chujo, Tsuyoshi Ohkura and Hideyuki Kataoka
Key words: continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion; treatment satisfaction; type 1 diabetes
P.109 A Comparative Evaluation of Parent Training for Parents of Adolescents with Developmental Disorders 186-kB PDF
Risa Matsuo, Masahiko Inoue and Yoshihiro Maegaki
Key words: adolescence; developmental disorder; parent training
P.115 Water Quality Evaluation of PET Bottled Water by Mineral Balance in the Northeast Asian Region: A Case Study of South Korea 235-kB PDF
Daisuke Houri and Chung Mo Koo
Key words: bottled water; mineral water; South Korea; taste; water quality
P.123 Type 1 Diabetes Patients Using Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion Therapy: Feeling Burdened Correlated with Factors 164-kB PDF
Ikuko Nishio and Masami Chujo
Key words: continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion; feeling burdened; related factors; type 1 diabetes
P.129 The Effect of Bamboo Leaf Extract Solution and Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin Solution on Growth and Volatile Sulfur Compounds Production of Oral Malodor Associated Some Anaerobic Periodontal Bacteria 308-kB PDF
Abir Majbauddin, Isamu Kodani and Kazuo Ryoke
Key words: anti-bacterial effect; bamboo leaf extract solution; oral malodor; sodium copper chlorophyllin solution; volatile sulfur compounds
P.137 TSLP Expression and High Serum TSLP Level Indicate a Poor Prognosis in Gastric Cancer Patients 860-kB PDF
Joji Watanabe, Hiroaki Saito, Kozo Miyatani, Masahide Ikeguchi and Yoshihisa Umekita
Key words: Gastric cancer; Prognosis; TSLP; Tumor

Patient Report
P.145 Multiple Skin Cancers in a Renal Transplant Recipient: A Patient Report with Analyses of Human Papillomavirus and Human Polyomavirus Infection 1398-kB PDF
Tokinobu Kaneda, Michiko Matsushita, Takeshi Iwasaki, Naoko Ishiguro, Takashi Koide, Kazuhiko Hayashi and Yukisato Kitamura
Key words: human papillomavirus; human polyomavirus; polymerase chain reaction renal transplantation; immunosuppression; skin cancer